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LottoMAX contest

Here is my "bribe" to register on 1 couple à vie, find your soul mate and possibly become a millionaire!

I'll buy a ticket LottoMax (pan-Canadian Lottery) from time to time. The jackpot is 10 to 60 million. The purchase of a ticket will be random because I want the members to use the site MORE to find your soul mate or solidify the couple than just for the chance to win a potential "Jackpot" 7/7.

The idea is to increase community involvement and have fun/dream!


ContestMax Recent(must be a member)
More information about LottoMax on Loto-Québec site

On social networks, the jackpot will be divided by those who have shared the publication displaying the ticket. It's one way as a promotion. But I will do this in another way since the Jackpot, if 6/7+, Maxmillion or 7/7 winner, will be won by 1 randomly drawn lucky valid member.

- What are my chances of winning?

 First, we must win the 6/7+, Maxmillion or 7/7 of LottoMax.
 Second, it will depend on the number of active members in the days preceding the draw even for Prize 1.
- What happens to the other winning Prize (free ticket, 3/7+, 4/7, 5/7, ...)?

 The free ticket will be used in a future draft. The prize money will be used to pay the costs of the site, promotions, other prints (other than LottoMax), ...
- Having fun/dream a little
- The random draw will be made only if it is a winning ticket for a 6/7+, Maxmillion or 7/7 of LottoMax.
- All fees/travel/charges/taxes will be the responsibility of the winner to allow more members around the world to win.
- The winner must come pick up the prize in person and agree to a few photos for futur promotions.

- Definition of a valid and active member:
 - A true profile with a description (no generic sentence, description soon ...), date of birth, real country ... and a validated photo.
 - A connection 6 days before each draw is mandatory. The draw for the LottoMax is Friday.
 - Only Free, Base and Privilege members can win. The In validation will be excluded.
 Important: These 3 criterias will be that you will have more luck and eliminate those not serious in their long-term efforts to find a soul mate/solidify the couple. This also prevents "organized groups" to participate in mass with fake profiles, fake photos.
- Draws will be made randomly by me. If for a prize, the winner is invalid after verification, another winner will be drawn. Yes, I have to validate the winner.
- I reserve the rights to stop this "bribe" at any time and without notice. So, invite, invite, invite to increase the community!
- If a member does not agree on how I manage the draw, this member is free to suggest adjustments to rules or free to delete her/his profile. I do not want whining/lawyers!

Last updated: 2017-02-04