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Nonprofit organization


The nonprofit organization will get $0.10 for each new validated registration.
Simple, helping and 100% FREE on 1 Couple à Vie (1 Couple For Life) !

By giving multiple great choices, the new member can support the non-profit organization that she/he like the most. Click one of the banner below to join!

My $500,000+ Goal:

Life is not all about money but money do help others. 1 Couple à Vie is more than a typical dating site: it's a community. I would like, as a giving community goal, that we raise $100,000+ each year for each of them. I think that each of us has a philanthropic side, myself included, even if we don't make millions.

How? A member can support by being a supporting paid member (no ads, more free virtual gift per day). The most popular is Privilege membership at $12/year and it's recurring. You have many other options. As you can read, I'm not looking to be a millionaire. If you are on other dating sites, you know it's very affordable. I will give 85% of the amount to that goal. The other 15% is needed to cover the payment fees and support the site monthly cost.

Depending on the membership, it's would take the support of 50,000-60,000 supporting paying members that would renew their subscriptions. The more you tell your friends about this page and joins us by using 1 of the 6 link, the more help we will be able to give each year!

Only join if you like the philosophy of our community and be an active member. Yes, couples that want to solidify their relationship are welcome.

Not sure of the one to pick? Click here to support all 5! I will divide the amount by 5.

Support all 5


Learn more or donate directly on Centraide Quebec (French only)

Diabetes Quebec

Learn more or donate directly Diabetes Quebec

Operation Enfant Soleil

Learn more or donate directly Operation Enfant Soleil

Cancer Research Society

Learn more or donate directly Cancer Research Society

Croix rouge

Learn more or donate directly Canadian Red Cross

1 Couple à Vie is proud to be able to help raise money by giving $0.10 per new validated member and 85% of the membership fee(no ads, more free virtual gift per day) from new members who clicked on one of the image above before joining. Each non-profit organization has a fundraising tracking link associated to it so to know the amount to give later on.

Note: 1 Couple à Vie is not officially associated with any one of those non-profit organization.