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About Our Serious Community

Welcome to 1 Couple à Vie translated from French to English as 1 Couple For Life! This is a 100% FREE community of serious singles/couples from U.S.A, Canada, U.K .... who want to find only a serious relationship for the long term AND also solidify the couple by helping each other. It is your serious couple social network 2 for 1 to help you make 1!

You will find seriousness, humor, respect, honesty, friendship, balance, but certainly not any wasted time from the members in this community. This is a one more tools to find your soul mate and have beautiful dates in the Real World. Yes, this is THE real life date that will be the real test to see if it click ... or not with the other person!

Note: If you want to support the site by not seeing ads and give more virtual gifts per day, you can become a Base member for $5/year. Other options are available. Btw, Read below for causes that I support.

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Free Communication

No need to give your contact information! ALL communications can be done on the site, including Private Video Chat(web cam) that is FREE for all validated members and without limits.

For Couples Too!

Great, you found a soul mate! A section of the forum allow, new or with experience, couples to find tips, share and help each other so to stay a couple for life. An example is the Your children, My children, Our children forum. Also, they are other subjects offered to the community like movies, sports, jokes, technology ...

Security For You

Every new members are pre-validated before becoming a FREE member. Since I can't know what people think, I do delete potential fake profiles, spammers or scammers. This way, you have less chance of being contacted and waste time.

With the above feature of unlimited FREE communication on the site, you can protect yourself even more and report bad members.

Dating Tips

You have access on the blog to 100+ dating tips from profiles to security. Using them will help you on this site or any other dating sites ... online and offline.

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Supporting Causes

The nonprofit organization will get $0.10 for each new validated registration. Simple, helping and 100% FREE on 1 Couple à Vie (1 Couple For Life) !

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Do You Want A Casual Relationship Instead?

But if it's a friendly/casual relation that your are looking for, I invite you on my site AzooC !

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azooc.com is the dating site for a casual relationship! Chat, private messages...

Warning: This is not the place to find casual relationship or is it an adult site. I suggest other sites, like my casual site mentioned above, for that in the registration page if it is not a serious relationship that is your goal.

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